You need to set up Facebook Login to access API

As per the latest audience network updates, it is been said that “You need to set up Facebook Login to access API”
“Starting from July 2022, you’ll need to use Facebook Login for your apps to access the Audience Network reporting API. This means that you’ll no longer be able to generate a token to access the API. Facebook Login is more secure, more convenient and helps protect against unauthorised sharing of tokens.”

any effect to the current kodular apps monetized with Audience Network advertising components?

Thanks in advance for your valuable ideas / comments.

Where is the question ? :thinking:

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My friend, it has nothing to do with Kodular.
If I understood correctly, it is totally absurd to force us to use Facebook login in our apps. But anyway, you must ask for help about it in Facebook groups, not here. Or at least use off topic category. But anyway you won’t find much help here


Thank you very much for your valuable eye-opener :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback, Your idea is much appreciated, meanwhile will there be any help asking in a facebook group a question related to apps created using Kodular components rather than asking it in a Kodular group?
BTW sorry for being off topic. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is more relevant to ask in a comunity related to facebook api or facebook audience network. This question has absolutely nothing to do with Kodular. The answer will be the same if your app is made with Kodular, Android Studio, Niotron or any other builder / tool.

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Thanks a lot

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