Your app under review ( stuck)

My account doesn’t show " Request approval " button to review my app as show on screenshot ! it just show this “You already have an app under review” Although I didn’t ask for a review, this problem has been going on for months for all my app’s !! i think my account stuck !!

these my app’s Id’s : 4902139363065856

Maybe you asked for a review and then deleted that project ?

No , i didn’t remove it before, if i create a new project the result is same!

Usually procedute stucks if you delete an app while review is still pending. I will inform the devs about your problem

Ok, thank you…
I am waiting for solving my problem

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My problem hasn’t been solved yet!!

Please be patient as it may take many days, weeks, or even longer for a resolution.

My application was considered for more than six months. The approval system is terrible for Codular. You can complain about my post, but it won’t change anything. a fact is a fact (here they like to complain like rats secretly) I wrote this to those who complain

In the past apps were approved or rejected quite quickly. But in the last year it seems to be taking much longer.

i am really upset to hear that !!!

I also have this same problem but i don’t know how to solve this and i think; i have deleted the project that was under review and this problem is there form about 3 to 4 months now

Hi dear Kodular, i have been waiting for approval 2 months 1 week, can you help me, the last version was only an update of this. Tanks in advance.
Package name: com.acordesrafa.civaoeiide

Hello, my account is apparently locked, my app id is: 5853590938714112 I copied my project to have a backup and I don’t know if I deleted any others in the review process. I’m sorry!