YoutubeAnalysis - Get Data From Youtube [Extension] [PAID]

YoutubeAnalysis - Get Data From Youtube [Extension] [PAID] Youtube Tools

Hello Guys, I have built one more useful extensions to make our works more easy and fast.

Let’s See All of Blocks -

This extension have 6 functions and 7 event and one property.

  • Changes of Designer Section -
    Set Your API Key Here. Without a valid API extension will not work.

    Make API Key From Here


You can also set it dynamically from Block section.

It returns the API key

  • GetChannelLiveInfo
    Using this block you can get any channel subscriber, views, video count.

  • GotChannelLiveInfo
    It rises when got channel information.

  • GetVideoInfo
    Using this block you can get information from youtube video using video id.

  • GotVideoInfo
    It rises when got video information.

  • SearchOnYoutube
    Using this block you can search on youtube with max limitation.

  • GotSearchResults
    It rises when got search results with all of information.

  • GetAllVideos
    Using this block you can get all videos from a specific youtube channel with custom order (date) and max limitaion.

  • GotAllVideos
    It rises when got all videos from the given channel with all information.

  • GetAllPlaylist
    Using this block you can get playlist from any specific youtube channel.

  • GotAllPlaylist
    It rises when got all playlist from given channel.

  • GetPlaylistVideos
    Using this block you can get all videos from any youtube playlist with max limitation.

  • GotPlaylistVideos
    It rises when got all videos from given playlist with available information.

  • OnFailed
    It rises when got any type of error when extension calling data from youtube or if got net error. You can handle user perform with this.

Price Plan & Updates …

Message Me To Buy

Extension Price - USD $5.55
To get my social contact information, click on my name or profile avatar. @JEWEL

  • More useful block is coming. I’m working on this.
  • You can suggest me to add some features.

If you need the source code, you can contact with me. @JEWEL

  • My Recent Extension

It look simular to this extension. Is this a copy or did you use the same code?

No dear, I’m not using same code or it’s not a copy of it. I know some block are looking same, but look at others block. On my extension user have option to set their own api. One more things, looking same but work it not same. Please see again, many difference have between this two extensions.


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