(1) ExoPlayer is no longer looping gapless. (2) App crashes at ExoPlayer.Completed event

Looping issue

  • The ExoPlayer does not seamlessly play sounds / music anymore, there is a big gap between each loop. That worked perfectly before (before Eagle).
    I’m not completely sure since when (Eagle 1.4.x) this problem arises.

ExoPlayer.Completed - crash

  • In addition, the ExoPlayer.Completed event does not work, so if the player restarts, the app crashes.

The ExoPlayer was the main reason why I switched from AI2 to Kodular, because there is no alternative to the ExpPlayer (because of its ability to loop without gaps). Unfortunately, the looping does not work with the TaifunPlayer for several months on some China devices.

To check this:
exoplayer_Bug.aia (439.3 KB)
exoplayer_Bug.apk (5.8 MB)


ExoPlayer.Completed event will not be executed (the player will not stop and restart, app crashes) unless the ExoPlayer.Source is reassigned:



If in the end there is no solution for both (gapless looping & ExoPlayer.Completed), in my opinion the ability for seamless looping would be much more important, because there is a simple work-around for the ExoPlayer.Completed event.

Here is a very good overview of the ExoPlayer and Player States:


exoplayer_Bug.apk (5,9 MB)

Gapless looping is working again, great! Thank you.

But if I choose “use ExoPlayer.Completed” (checkbox) the sound stops but is in state "ExoPlayer.isPlaying = true.

I will continue testing …
Is the new ExoPlayer already available on the Kodular Beta server?

No. The changes are current not at beta.
Maybe later this day. Not sure.

To be more specific, if ExoPlayer.Completed is checked:

  • press play ExoPlayer: sound is playing and stops after the sound is completed
  • but the ExoPlayer does not play the sound again:
    and is in the state: ExoPlayer.isPlaying=true

I fixed local the state.
It shows now the correct state.
But I get no exception to know why it does not start again the player.

There are no logs I can see.

Here is the state fixed:
exoplayer_Bug (1).apk (5,9 MB)

Maybe this:


I fixed it now.
All you need to do is wait for the update.

After we pushed the fix just use your example aia and try it then again.
It should work there since I used your example without changes.

I only fixed some things at our code.


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