100,000 👤

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #1

Yaaay! :tada:

Just a few days ago we announced that we currently have more than 700.000 daily active users in our apps

Well, yesterday we just reached another significative number! :yum:
We have more than…

+100,000 Active Users on Kodular Creator :kodular:

+250,000 Created Apps with Kodular Creator :kodular:

Thanks everyone for making this possible in less than one year! :smile:
This couldn’t be possible without you :wink::+1:

So, to celebrate it, we will share some of the (ugly :sweat_smile:) concepts we had for Kodular/Makeroid in the beggining :muscle:


This was how Kodular could have ended but, hopefully, it didn’t :heart_eyes:

Happy Koding! :kodular:


Your effort is sure to win!!!
Keep up the spirit! :+1: :+1:

Great grow Kodular! :kodular:

(Yusuf Cihan) #4

Some good things start with bad things. But at least, Kodular passed a long way. And you guys never passed with anyone’s way. You found/made your way. :star_struck: So this makes you are different. And by being different, you created the best AI2 distribution for everyone. You guys are awesome! :+1::wink:

(Daniel) #5

Congratulations, again. And I will say it every time on a big milestone that this awesomeness reaches. It’s very difficult to say with human words how much I love Kodular and the whole atmosphere (@yusufcihan :joy: ) of this community. Congrats for the developers of the best App Inventor distro, Thank You, :kodular:!

P.S.: AI2/some name that’s hidden to not to hurt anyone design at its finest

(Franck G) #6

It’s still better than appinventor :joy:

(Domi Rami) #7

Amazing!! I’m surprised !! Congratulate them for this great project that is Kodular. It has become a great tool for us both the “CREATOR” and the community. I hope you keep improving and growing. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

(David Ningthoujam) #8

Kodular now have 100000+ uesr online because of the hard work and effort of staffs member. I’m proud of kodular that our builder is the best of ai2 distribution. I hope :kodular: will have more than 1 Million active users daily very soon. And congrats.

(Hadi Raza Bangash) #9

Congratulations @Kodular
Kodular is Better than all alternatives to kodular.

(Deepanshu Arya) #10

Those extra components which are present only in kodular attracted me here and the simplicity and design bound me with it. I remember that I got to know about kodular because of a very useful component “spacer”
After that never tried to open other app inventor for creating apps

(Pablo Almeida) #11

Me too
I just can’t imagine myself using any other builder.

Actually I always talk like this to my friends “why do you still use this other builder? There is no advantage at all”.

(anuragtekam0) #12

Its all because users of kodular are very loyal.

(Yasir Shakoor) #13

Congrats Kodular team!

(Chulbuli Apps) #14

Congrats every body, At this special movment i want to say something about kodular. It is a app development software for everyone but not in my case, from past 6-10 months when i joined kodular i was only see kodular as a software to create app but i dont know how it is now a part of my life. Everyday other peoples open fb, whatsapp at first movement but i open kodular community every morning instead of fb, whatsapp. Kodular is our superhero.

(Marlon Rodríguez) #15

Yes, it looks ugly haha ​​… but it has the advantage that visible and invisible components can be previewed quickly.

And you have to scroll down, to open components quickly

(Marlon Rodríguez) #16

Do you think you can implement support for animations made in 2Dimension ?. As they did with Lottie? :heart_eyes:

(Daniel) #17

Same here :blush:

(oaltair) #18

I’ve used App Inventor almost since it was public and I’ve experimented with other AI2-derived platforms and I can say, without flattery, that @Kodular makes a difference in many ways. I hope @Kodular continues to grow, you are doing things right.
Congratulations Kodular team!