$100 for developers

(Nathan) #21

Please stop sending your email in a Public post. If you have information for the user, PM them with it all.

(Federico Morrone) #22

If you’re willing to pay that much money you should consider paying a “real developer” which will make a much better up than an app inventor one (even if kodular ones are really advanced)

(Nosrej Chaokad) #23

In my country that is a big amount :slightly_smiling_face: 100 United States Dollar equals
5,211.30 Philippine Piso

(anuragtekam0) #24

TodoTodo, Todo, TodoTodoTodo, ToDo ToDooooooooooo, Todododo

What is this bro
I thought it is music from Docomo Ad

(Federico Morrone) #25

My signature, Pink panther theme

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #26

I knew it. :joy:

(Aravind Chowdary) #27

I to knew it !!

(Nosrej Chaokad) #28

Hi sir can you share your Google Play store link to check all your apps?

(Flavio Benino) #29

Hello dear Aravind, I wanted to remind you that you still have to give me the .aia file


What type of app did you want…
Please Explain so i make and send you


Can You Explain any one app details

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #32

Why did you quote me?