10th Study App - New Educational App

10th Study App

10th Study App Is Most Useful App For Students Who Learning In 10th Standards


Special Thanks

Thank You To @Deep_Host For His Custom Listview

Thank You @Kodular To Provide Us A Free Platform To Create Android Apps

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@Vedang Nice App but there’s a bug when click on side menu button it doesn’t Appear.

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First we need to open sidemenu by swiping then the button works. I think it is a kodular’s bug.
This is not a button this is a label

Have set the label to clickable.

But many users including me have Android 10 Navigation gestures by which if we swipe from corner in left or right then the back action is performed.

And I don’t think so it’s a bug in my app it’s works fine.

Yes i have set it clickable

I think you are using kodular’s default title bar

This is not a bug, when u use custom side menu then the arrangement you used for that, must be set visible.


Thank you very much

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Good UI, but you can improve it.

Font size is too large, use smaller size.
Dont use solid colour for background.


I Just installed your app and was flooded with ads

you should look at font sizing also,distorted and cutted at several places…Improve the UI