1101 Error again


I did searched but can not find solution… I have app that get some data from our server. App worked for almost a year but for past days it simply throw 1101 error when one api call is issued.

blocks are simple:


when I debug on the server side, I can see server get correct request (valid token, valid endpoint), process it and pass the results back. I can copy URL and put it into Postman and also get complete result (as expected considering server side debug info). App also issue few other calls that just have different ending (cars on the picture) and all the rest works without any problem. I switched WiFi, turn off/on phone and other useless things but can not make it work. Every single time I can see server process results but still app keeps throw error… It looks like short requests are processed ok while longer one cause error…Any suggestion?

ADB logcat show that:
Form : Form Screen1 ErrorOccurred, errorNumber = 1101, componentType = Web, functionName = Get, messages = Unable to get a response with the specified URL: http://www.time.enertec.si:2082/cars

again URL is total legit and it does return data as expected… :frowning:

Thanks in advance,