1103 error when connecting to the companion

Hey Kodular team i found some database pop-up bug in your companion app… kindly fixed it otherwise may b it’s got hacked… thanks

Hello. Please move this to the #feedback:bugs section.

If you want to contact the Kodular team, say @Kodular. Thx.

  1. I don’t think that’s any personal info, it’s just a temporary key for connecting to the companion, AFAIK.
  2. This happens when you switch networks in the middle of connecting to the companion.
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Ok i think tht its personal so i created a topic…sry :pleading_face:

This makes no sense at all. But it’s ok. no worries, Welcome!


I am from a period of time watching that @Mateja and @Yoshi is replying almost all post in kodular and providing her contribution and giving solutions which is good they are kids.
I just want to appreciate and say thanks to both of them.
Keep it up


I’m sorry for the person who flagged this, I also write the off-topic

Someone can close this topic, as it is no personal info.