1883777 Size To MB How I Can Do This

Can anyone help me about how i can get the exzact download size. when I want to download any file from webview webview download component give me this size. (1883777) so how can I generate this to MB. Please help me

Google is your best friend.

Ask before searching.

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No i want to user can watch when he download any file from our app. i want to show the file size to user . so how can I create this thing in my app???

Just Convert Bytes to Megabytes with the help of blocks in Math section.

Can you please give me this block image. (you can use this size 1883777)

If I am not mistaken, there is an extension for that.

Best place to look for extensions

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which extension??? please give this link

please help me about this

As you said I have used 1883777 number.

ok b ro i am trying you method

Set global variable and the number 1883777 to your convivence.


no b ro it is not working.

Please show all of the blocks

ok wait b ro i will show you

Download.aia (2.1 KB)

Please send the image of the blocks

i want to download any file from webview with it main size

blocks (2)

Not this block.
Please send the full image of the blocks in which you are using the method what I said.

blocks (3)

YES B RO THIS is the full block image.