2 lottie animation in 1 screen is it possible?

is it possible to put 2 lottie animation in 1 screen?


sorry for disturbing all of you :pensive: :frowning_face:

Ofcourse you can use lottie as much you want just drag them and use. I think you have to aware with basics of kodular before asking something.

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im sorry for asking basic stuffs, im a student and self learning this kodular, i dont understand the language in video tutorial about kodular, so im just copying what i saw on video tutorials, i already do my research but i dont get the answer to my problem, showing 2 lottie animation with same json file and showing it by the same sreen, i already put the horizontal arrangement the fill width then i put lottie1 inside horizontal then i put space then lottie2 now lottie1 is working but lottie2 is not, i want to duplicate what i put in lottie1 to lottie2 so 2 animation will work but same json file sorry :pensive:

the animation is in the middle on top of “Flavor’s” i want to put that on the left and i know how but i want both sides to show that same animation :expressionless:

Use Two Horizontal Arrangements or Vertical Arrangements and place 1st lottie in first arrangements and 2nd Lottie in second arrangements

Or you can Show your blocks Image and designer section image

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Use same source json file in both

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yes i already did that same file for lottie1 and lottie2

What about blocks section send image of that

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Screenshot (615)

Okay Can You Share aia file let me check

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LoginV2 (2).aia (3.0 MB)

you will see that my blocks there is not pro or expert sorry for the mess :pensive:

LoginLottie (1).aia (3.0 MB)
Check It Now

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waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :relaxed:

thank you so much thank you thank you, i’ve been dealing this problem 2hrs thank you so much i really appreciate it thank you thank you, do you have a youtube account explaining about all the steps in kodular? sometimes i dont get the logic :pensive:

your so kind thank you for helping me thank you thank you :grin:

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No problem you are new & just starting your journey So Good Luck
its was very simple issue
Keep Learning and Keep going you will learn everything

No I don’t but you can get various videos on youtube related to it

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i just dont understand the language of what i’m watching thank you so much thank you thank you :relaxed: :grin: :heart_eyes:

And If you face any issue next time then before creating a topic you can search on community
you will get related issue and solution

Just Learn from wherever you get knowledge ,

Something is Better than nothing

you can learn from community going through guides and

Be A Legend of your Field

:+1: :+1:

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