2 problems occurred while making my first app on your website

Only some of my images uploaded are seen in preview others show a small image icon. This stops me from exporting my app apk. any solution? Am i doing anything wrong? Are there any restricted image sizes? and also because of some internal error I’m not able to use companion app to test. So I have to download apk everytime to my phone to test. and I think companion app is only fast way to test app.

@RatHam why you cant test your app with companion ?
do you get anny error ? explain it little bit more

it just says internal error and then i have to click ok nothing else…

@Mika @Diego might can help

The image problem is solved! whenever I upload new images I have to reload builder website then it shows images in preview. (solved it by myself)

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Dont reload the builder, just make a change to a property, happens to me too.

what is property?

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Just change any property on a Component after it’s done uploading to the server and itll update the image.

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For example, change and then resize the image!
So it will change.