2020 Latest DP Status , Image and Text Status App aia file [PAID]

Image and Text status app aia file

First of all thanks to Kodular team for providing such a wonderful platform to develop apps without coding.

APK LINK : Image_Text_Sale.apk - Google Drive

Price : Rs 500 or $10.99 only ( Less for students )
Paypal : https://www.paypal.me/dafaq
UPI : 8168010718
Paytm also accepted .
Interested buyers can message me personally .

App Description :
A powerful , secured and useful application to share latest image and text statuses . The app consists of high quality display screens and design. Here are the major useful application properties :

  1. This application is connected with airtable.
  2. Totally dynamic application in which you can add unlimited categories and text and image status.
  3. Users can download , share and also favorite the status in the app.
  4. The data in app loads in recycler view to save data and loading time.

If you want any more feature then let me know :slight_smile:

Video :


Here are some of the screenshots of the app :

Extention Used : File Extention by @Taifun
Custom Recycler extention by @Deep_Host

Thank you ,
Hitesh K. Yadav
Indian Developers


can you share test apk ?

apk link is shared in the post .

After i said you shared your link :sweat_smile:

Awesome App, keep it up :100:

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:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:yah i forgot

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keep up the good work!
thank you for using the file extenion



Thank you ! :smiley:

Aaaaandd… another video with the title in English for a change. :neutral_face:


what ? sorrry coudnt get you.

Because many people use the English language to search.

Sooooo… if I use English to search, that means I need something in English. What’s the point in doing this? Sorry but I report every video on Youtube that does this. It wastes my time A LOT when searching for something.


its difficult to type hindi on phone thats why people seach in english also for hindi videos.

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Italo said that right! You should at least type “[Hindi]” in the title so that people who don’t know Hindi can understand that the video is in Hindi.


That is good, I’ve seen some videos with that in the title. :+1:


You can plug external keyboard or use draw to type feature. There are a lot of ways to type a letter in phone.

At least people could add subtitles if they need to make the title in English.


And I would like to clarify, I have nothing against Hindi or any language or country.
I would be the same if I search for something in English and a Spanish speaking video shows up, despite Spanish is my native language.


A notice: Videos with English title but in another language can also make the sense they were stolen.

waahhh… there is something called YOUTUBER on youtube.