206 screens, app not working

I successfully created the application and successfully downloaded it. But when I downloaded it, the application couldn’t open and it said when I exited the application, there was a bug, but it didn’t explain where the bug was, even though my application had many screens. What do I have to do?

how to use it?

can you help me? i will send my aia file, please help me this is urgent

Please provide a logcat output, then we xan look at it together


PLEATA_53_V2.aia (1.6 MB)

What part do you think the damage occurred? is it on Firebase? I’ve replaced the j.son file with a new one and new authentication but it’s still like that

What’s the solution? on Youtube, just Google there is no way to fix it. Do I have to rebuild the application? Need a long time

I’ve tried removing firebase authentication on my app. It’s still like that when you open the application. This means that the fault does not lie with Firebase

seriously, 206 screens

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Yes, that is the school’s assignment. Could it be because there are too many screens?

Do I need to rebuild the application? or I need to create the application from a rework that has fewer screens?

I also tried removing firebase from my project, still not working

Reuse your screens


So the problem is that there are too many app screens? so i need to merge the screen screens in my application?