3d obj files and kodular

how to import 3d objs using scene3d etc… pls somewone send aia

I didn’t understood anything what is your problem
Making a aia for what you?

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how to view OBJ in Kodular


Dora, I have 1 doubt that in this guide I have seen that here the file of obj is so large like 13 Mb so when we upload in assets then apps will not hang???

Means when we have to upload multiple file then an apps will definately hangs

i have a idea but i think maybe crash or make so lag,
i have scene3d core but loader is paid i think im gonna add triangles but it so lag
(my idea go fail)

@dora_paz thank you so much :))

i have android 7.0/5.0/mini collectible stls im gonna convert and import, these are same or lower than 1,05 mb

@Blogtriggers im not going to load planet

Tou can try Webviewer and Three.js

i get a aix by dora

im bad at java (not javascript),HTML,CSS,JS (im good on android studios js but im bad at JS)
i dont know three.js

But I am not telling about the planet I am just telling that when we put obj file then in assets section then it lags or heavy part of that.

So Can Anyone tell me how to call obj file via google sheets and I have to load from there???

@Blogtriggers use id system, like if YourSpreadSheetData = 1 then (load model)

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