5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide

Add this at the end of your procedure and see if it works for you

dynamic_list_view2_1.aia (385.4 KB)

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yes this is working fine and correct

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how these parameters are added hereKodular Creator 12-16-2021 6-29-56 PM

Click mutator, little gear :gear:, add items


@dora_paz ok thank you

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How can I control the color change of the card when I click on the dark mode button

All are in vertical scroll view. Can we make this horizontal list view

Yes instead of VSA use HSA

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Please, guide me how can create schema to an extension. Step by step

See :point_down: :point_down:

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Good afternoon. And how to make the text appear in option 1 when you click?

I have url list n j want to get url on button click.

How can i detect button click event to get url from list…

In given apk method 3,4&5 not working…

Use when any button clicked

Yes but how to get perticular getvalue from button… when i click button m getting whole url from databae

Show your blocks

I used same block as in listview 1 demo…m.getting list correctly but whn button click m.gettimg whole url from database…

It’s a very nice application. Great on schema selections.

You have been asked to show your blocks. Please do so if you want help.

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Hi all,
I am stuck in one problem.
I have two separate Horizontal Scroll Arrangements where I am creating dynamic cards for each one. like 5 cards for HSA-1 and 5 for HSA-2
Both the arrangement are loading simultaneously with different sets of data.
After clicking on card in HSA-1, a spreadsheet will be called and for HSA-2 , a different spreadsheet will be called.
How will I differentiate which Arrangement card is clicked how will I pass the data and call the required spreadsheet?