505 http error code for Bulk SMS

I have been receiving the response code as 505

Actually the thing is I have services from a Bulk SMS Service Provider.

They given me a Syntax how to send OTP Message, Here with I am providing the code and Screenshots.


The above code is working if I give proper credentials, But with Kodular App I am unable to send the OTP SMS.

After some Googling i found the following answer

  • 505 – HTTP Version Not Supported
    The server refuses to support the HTTP protocol that the client computer specifies. This error occurs if the client computer does not correctly specify the protocol (for example, if it specifies an invalid version number).This error should not occur if you have a current installation of cPanel & WHM.

How could I over come this problem.



You Have To Write Right Code

The Code Is Showing Below

http://websms.bulksmsrapid.com/rest/services/sendSMS/sendGroupSms?AUTH_KEY= Your Key

&message= Your Message
&senderId= Your Sender ID Sender ID Must Be 6 Alphabates (ex. ABCDEF) It’s Also Work If You set Your App Name If Your App Name Have Only 6 Alphabates

abctre&routeId=1&mobileNos= User Mobile No


Thanks for the reply. But I solved it by myself.

It is not accepting blank spaces, All we need to enter%20 for space.

%20 solved my Problem.

You Can Also Use The + For Space

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Oh Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thank you
Plus sign is also working

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