(5k!) Social Pocket - A Pocket For Your Social Networks!

Introducing “Social Pocket” A Pocket For Your Social Networks!

Social Pocket is an android application specially designed for low storage phones, through this app you can handle or manage your all social networks at one place. The app is just 7mb in size and provides mainly 20+ social networks.

App developer : @Yasir_Shakoor
Platform: Kodular :heartbeat:

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I hope you will like this app, don’t hesitate to give me ideas or suggestions, or even report bugs !
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Special Thanks to @Mohd_Younis :blush:

@Kodular Thanks a ton for this amazing platform!:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

And keep in mind that app name is trademark and is fully copyrighted don’t try to steal :face_with_monocle:


Ohhhh… what a CPC. According to me Kodular is best app builder platform for newbie developers in present time. I am so thankful to Kodular for giving us such a great platform.

Thanks Kodular Team


Amazing brother


You should really think again about your app if it is really user friendly…
I mean… you show ads after every social network load.
And this really sucks!

Do you really think your app is good because it shows much ads?
I can create a copy of your app in a half hour from scratch… without to have your aia file…
All you do is open a social page in the webview.
Thats what everybody can do in few seconds…

You should really start to recreate your app in a user friendly way without 100000 ads…


Sir I’m working on my app to make it more user friendly. In the previous update i have added Night Mode, Desktop mode and fullsecreen mode. In future updates I will try to make it more user friendly. And i will remove some ads in next update


He is new i think. But he have no invalid activity that others do so i think his app is doing great.

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thats great

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Thank you brother. I’m new that’s why i add some ads but in future i will make it Superb​:blush::relaxed:

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Go… ahead & make this app more beautifull…

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