908 Permission Error even After giving the permission

I am getting neither downloading file permission nor file uploading permission. It’s automatically denied permission with 908 error. Whether I have given permission to the app like Read and Write permission to the storage. But it asks to enable it in a setting app. In setting apps all permissions are allowed.
Now what to do
Can anyone help me?

Inspite of removing permission from download screen it keeps showing the error 908 and on writing manually permission like android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
It also keeps showing the same error as above.

What can I do next ?
There are some more images of Settings app.
There are all permissions using by the app.
And media storage is also allowed.

Did you really read my answer / links?

@Current_Affaires_com solved your problum?


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The download component need the storage permission really??

Iam downloading files to downloads folder

Is there any solution to Error 908 Permission? It is very frustating bcz app doesn’t open without permission.

You solved?

i have stopped the kodular projects.

Wait i think they are working on it…:+1:

me also this problem any solutions

the problum will fix on coming updates please wait…

Did they fix the problem?

Download component issue fixed…:+1::+1:

It was fixed.

Still not fixed …

If you still get the error 'The permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE has been denied. Please enable it in the settings app", then the permissions in the manifest has not been set correctly…

As workaround, you can modify the manifest accordingly


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