[A/AI] Artificial Intelligence App - With Latest Tech

Name of my app is :

Crandex AI

Description of my app :

Hello Koders, myself Rudransh, I have created an AI application, using OpenAI, You would be thinking its a
normal application, but I have used so advanced blocks to make the your experience better, its UI is of Top level, and a revenue generating application, and I also started selling API keys in the application, It has chat AI, Image AI and voice AI. You can also be my partner helping me grow my ad, and with so many earning options for you, if you are interested to be my partner, mail me on my public email (it’s an email which is publicly available for everyone, not my personal info) [email protected] or visit https://rssdc.tech/partner for more info about the partner program.


App download link :


External Links/Emails :

My public Website : https://rssdc.tech
My public support email : [email protected]

Credits to extensions I have used in my project :

DevYb Google Translate by DevYB Version 1

LayoutDialog by Jerin Jacob Version 1

CustomChatView by Sumit with Rush Version 1.1.0

DateTools by Sunny Gupta Version 6.1 or 6

OpenAI by Gordon Lu Version 1

Thank You :smile: