A few question About of approval system approved and developer consent mode

now my app approved evertythings ok but i have a few question my mind

1 my app approved then build apk test in my phone but still ads not showing
and my admob account is ok no problem in kodular live work ads

2 approval system for only other store is this true ? if ı change idea and can ı upload google store my app will ı a any problem live ?

3 eurouser (developer consent mode) ı dont undertand this
now ı created banner then dev consent mode true and when screen initalize admob banner load
but notify working every load banner is this true or only just one notify about of ads then
ıf user never change ads setting(revoke consent ) never show start app notify about of ads

is this true method ? ıf not please example admob banner developer consent mode
code send me thanks you so much …

If your app is going to be published on Play Store as well you don’t need to do anything else
The system is only to approve ads outside it


ok but now ı test admob faield to load message
its not this
The ad request was successful, but no ad was returned due to lack of ad inventory.

error code 102 your appp not approved but ı look my app approved problem this