A Free app store & AIA store for everyone

Hello Everyone,

I just got an Idea today morning when I woke up :sweat_smile:

I do have a domain and a hosting already and I am a website developer, I am a gold medalist from my state I always wanted to contribute something to the community.

I am planning to create a website in which all the users can upload their AIA files or created application for free of cost where users would get an approach to check other creators AIA files & app.

As we all know google playstore is charging something around 25$ for pay console and other free appstores take time to approve your application and if we share our app files via google drive or any other hosting platform that makes it fishy for the users.

I will create a completely free portal where user just have to register and they can list their applications or AIA and even if they dont want to give it for free I would give an option to sell & yes I wont take any commission from it as this is just something what I wanted to do for the community they can keep their earning.

I just posted this topic as I wanted to see response level of all our users as we all know development takes a huge time, if anyone is ready to join this initiate please do reply

Thanks & Regards
Juned Adenwalla,

This type of website and apps are already in the market since 2019 maybe and many of the developers also have their seperate application for this task.
Good idea if you do something unique in this.
And best of luck :crossed_fingers:

Thank you for replying, I know there are website already offering such services but i doubt of them being completely free, would you be interested in publishing your apps on my website

Actually it’s mine idea already :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and i also have hosting domain but i am planning to add App, AIA, AIX, Graphics, banner or other digital content free of cost and also sell there products.

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But if we try install app other than playstore we will get warning message as welcome… i hope that we cannot over ride

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