A glimpse to community moderation

Hey :wave:,
I wanted to say thank you to Moderators :sunny: over here, thanks to them a little scammer was put on hold, as it seems he didn’t listen a couple of times and continued his behaviour! These guys came in to rescue :smile: instantly, it took like what 2 minutes, for all topics to be closed, unlisted and put in the darkest and most hidden place (pssh. Trash). So that’s for a little praise :slight_smile:! Oh and also, great work on the Makeroid :butterfly:, it seems to be more powerful and beautiful than ever!
Best regards,
P.S: if (extension.getCreator() != "Ben") { sendReportToMakeroidModerators(extension.getFakeCreator()); }


I have a feeling you’re the scammer, but working with Makeroid Community Staff as a little joke on us :thinking:


:blush:, yeah I am damn it, you’re onto me.
On the real note, the community was just amazing how they solved everything so quickly.


Did they torture you to stop :joy: Is that how they solved everything :rofl:

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I think, I’ll release a free extension this month later as a thank you to everybody. No sneak peeks :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Maybe just a pixel of a screenshot?

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Sure, :white_circle:, one pixel is white, this emoji says it all.

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