A good news from Google Play Services, The service fee will be 15% instead of 30%

In this morning when i woke up and checked my console, I noticed, there’s new option Associated Developer Accounts was added in my play console account, in the left sidebar. I was wondering what is this option for?

and then in the afternoon I received inbox msg about what will be the use of associated developer accounts.

I’m sharing the message below, what inbox mail said.

It’s time to enroll for the 15% service fee

In March 2021, we announced that starting July 1, 2021, the service fee will be 15% instead of 30% for the first $1M (USD) you earn each year when you sell digital goods or services.

Starting today, you can enroll for the 15% service fee in Google Play Console.

To enroll, you will need to:

  • Create an account group and let us know if you have any associated developer accounts
  • Accept the service fee terms and conditions

Because we’re launching the program halfway through the year, the threshold will be prorated so the service fee will be 15% instead of 30% for the first $500,000 (USD). If enrollment is completed after July 1st, earnings are counted from the day you enroll.

For more details, select Learn more.

I’m sure, This is gonna be very beneficial for every android developer, who publish their apps on Google Play Store. and I also use in-app purchase in most of my projects. so It’s gonna be great for me.


yes finaly

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For this we need to do anything else? bcz u can see their is an option like create account page

I don’t think this is meant for individuals, but instead for teams. I don’t recommend enrolling even though you might be money hungry.

you just have to create an account page just to let google know your total income in a year, then google will calculate your service fee according to your earnings.

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Yes, he’s right

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Their have any tutorial for this?

Where is it written or how do you come to your statement?

Why not? What is your advice based on?


I think everyone should enroll for the 15% service fee.


“Create an account group to help us understand if there are any other developer account that you’re associated with.”

You shouldn’t have more than one unless you’re a company and have individual employees create new developer accounts.

Because I feel as though you are attacking my personal opinion.

I don’t understand your answers at all. Do these have anything to do with my questions?
I don’t think so.

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Obviously, you have not tried it yourself, but are simply making superfluous and incorrect assumptions that confuse others. Besides, you gave wrong advice.

You are correct, because I didn’t want to make the wrong decision, plus I don’t need it anyway because as you may know, I provide all of my things, for free… Whether it’s applications or extensions, free.

I had some app sales on the Play Store today (July 1st) (from US / Germany) but Google still charged a 30% fee even though I qualified for the program a long time ago.

What are your experiences with it? @devcafeofficial @Yashk12

I have now contacted the Play Developer Support and pointed out this discrepancy / problem. Google may not have adjusted this in order management yet or there may be a delay.

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I just dropped off my 2 apps from play store which I had in-app purchase. So I didn’t get any experience of Google Play Service.


same, they still charged 30% service fee : (

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Okay good to know.
I’ll keep you updated as soon as I get feedback from Google Play Developer Support.

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now they are charging 15% , i just checked my new order. :grinning:


Yes correct, but I am curious to hear from DevSupport why this is only happening now.