A letter is typed in the search bar and redirected to another page when clicked

Hi, I just got entered into Kodular and I’m newbie here
I need some help in creating a search bar, where a letter is typed into the search bar and redirects to another page when clicked.

Currently I have created a block to display data with a list view.

When I type letters in the search field, it is currently successfully filtering the data. However, when I click on the data that has been successfully filtered, the detailed data that appears is always the first row of data from the airtable database.

Do you have any ideas or tips? I would deeply appreciate it

Let us know that what is your actual need to pass for next Screen?
Index or Selection Item?

For the next screen there is some data (name, category, quantity, etc.) displayed on the label.

I have attached the following as an example of the next screen.

For the next screen, I intend to make changes to the data from the previous screen

and I’m sorry, for the question about Index or Selection Item, I don’t understand what you mean because this is the first time I’m using kodular

if data on your listview in this format as you mentioned, then you should pass StartValue of ListView.Selection and do parse it in the next screen: