A problem With long phone

I made one of my apps and there was one item of equal length and width
Surprises that in some phones Dahr rectangular


Didn’t get you :thinking:

in another meaning
Make an item 10 in 10 element
In my phone Dahr Square
In a phone like Huawei Nova 3
The screen is longer than the rest of the phones

kodular treats the show oddly
Find this phone is 10 in 5
In the other 10 in 10

You have used px… then the layout must be in square… do double check weather you used percentage…
Or you did something on your block section…

I’m sure what I tried

It should be 25x25 however, cat you post a aia so we can check it out

It’s part of a big project
I did not see anyone get this problem

In my original phone, there are no problems

If you can’t reproduce this behavior in a simple demo aia, then I’m sorry that we can’t help you with your issue

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