A Question About Billing

Hello everyone, There are those who know that the Billing extension does not work properly.

My question is does the “Is Subscribed” block work correctly?

Also, does this block return true for expired subscriptions or does it only return true for active subscriptions? I would appreciate your help, thank you.

I Dont Know About what you are trying Is That Any Extesnion Or Component ?

But If You Are Trying In App Billing Then I Will Suggest You to use this Extension

it Working Excellent For Me

Try once With This Extension

UseThis To check if purchase is acknowledged or not. It will return boolean.

component_method (3)

I am using invoice extension in Kodular.

Does the free extension you submitted work properly for subscriptions?

What I want to do is this: When the user enters the application, it will check whether his subscription is active and if it is active it will return true, if it is not active it will return false and I can do the checks accordingly. So if the user’s subscription is over, I will also end the Premium membership, if the subscription continues, the premium membership will be active.

Yaa I Am Too Using This Extension & For Me Its Working Without Any Error

Yaa You Can Use Accordingly As You Said

For Detail Go Check that post Also You Will get Demo Aia

Did I do it right?

When I do it this way, it doesn’t return true for expired memberships, does it?

my last info was from the subsciption isnt work correctly. They will fix it in one of the following updates. I just bought Taifun Billing extension and work everything perfect.

You Are Doing In Wrong Way

How can I do it, can you give an example?