A question on storage and data loading efficiency

Hi all!

I’m creating an app that creates carousels by loading images and some text to show on the screen.
I’ve noticed that there are delays in certain activities.
What I’ve experimented so far are:

  1. Time to get all 50 rows of an Airtable: 2.15 seconds
  2. Time to get all 50 rows, but line by line: 5.40 seconds
  3. Time to async load an image: 0.06 seconds for the first, 0.04 for subsequent images.
  4. Time to load up images after first loading all rows on a different screen, and then passing it to the home screen: ~3 seconds (seen as a human)
    I was hoping for it to be something like Amazon’s initial screen which has the Amazon logo and then fades away to reveal the almost loaded page, but that didn’t work the way I planned. I think that the control passes to the new screen faster than the display changes; because the control passes to the new screen within ~0.180 seconds

None of this is acceptable to me, so I was thinking of various options to increase the speed of loading.
Some of them being:

  1. Store the data on the user’s phone (either TinyDB or SQLite), and sync it in the background while the user is doing his business
  2. Use MySQL and hosting services (don’t want to do this cause I’m broke), but they could be faster since I can load up the first few images immediately and then work on the rest of them later (only 9 images and their text are on the screen at any given time)
  3. Use Firebase to achieve the same (I don’t know how long this takes yet; haven’t experimented too much on Firebase)

I’d like to know which of these, or any other method that you know of, would be a good fit for my app

according to me MySQL will be the fastest one.
You can also request all of your data on splash screen and when you get all of your data, then you can move to the next screen
Here you already have your whole data, so you just have to load images here

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