A Question to Kodular

Hello Kodular,
I have a Question to you basically it may make you a bit angry.

Should I take kodular seriously ?
Like on apps that i am working, the time i am investing to with Kodular.
May be in future you introduce any paid plan like Thunkable, and you know it’s plan is equal a basic Hosting plan i guess, for a moment it can afford that, i will be happy with that.
But i can you may sell this company to anyone and they change everything

Well I do believe Kodular, you guys are the best
I am just having this doubt in my mind which is demotivating me a lot.

Sorry Kodular for this if you don’t like this

Thanks Kodular for Providing this type of Platform


As said, I am only a ProKoder, meaning this is no official statement from the team.
But, :kodular: will remain always free, forever and the team will not likely sell it :sweat_smile:
This summer, in a few months it will be two years old.

I hope the following topics answer your question :sweat_smile:

The first topic is the announcement that there is not going to be any premium plan, and the second one an explanation of this


Thanks for your reply now i am feeling more motivated and works for ever and ever with kodular
Thank you again for providing this cool platform


I also wrote a reply before which you might be interested:

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