A Request to Extension Developers and Kodular Staff

I want Kodular to add support for ionic icons. ’

They have a pretty huge collection of free icons on their website and they look much better than Google’s material icons and more preferable than Font Awesome icons in many cases.

… and I also think that its possible for Kodular team to add support for ionic icons.
I even request Extension developers to make an extension for the purpose.

just use this ttf for Ionicons


There isnt any ttf file in the zip you provided

Try this one


yes there is ttf, you can find it in the font folder in the zip

i have tried using ttf but that’s not worked

Try this way:



@Ken’s reply should be a solution.

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I honestly do not see it very necessary to incorporate it into Creator, this would increase, (although not many), some kb for compiled applications

I personally only use Feather Icons, the rest don’t

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Instead of just adding support for Ionic icons, why not make it so libraries and files that aren’t being used are removed during compilation?


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