A request to Makeroid community

Hey all ,
I appreciate the work done by Makeroid developers till yet. Being students they are putting a lot of efforts in developing such amazing platforms to develop apps. i really appreciate their efforts and time.
I came to know that they are having financial issues to run servers for that i want to say that its definitly a problem. But if you guys had financial problem then you should not have started makeroid at such a big platform . The reason is im using makeroid from long time. a long time ago , this problem was witnessed for days.
Many of my apps are on playstore developed by makeroid. Almost all of them are having thousands of downloads and one with 10k downloads. so there comes a lots of bug too in app which i had to fix as soon as possible but due to makeroid server problems , thousands of people and users are affected and they are uninstalling apps too .

If you have financial issues then you should not have put it on such a global platform . it affects a lot of developers and thousands of users.
These are all my personal views.
So if the makeroid developers can clearly tell us till when this problem will occur and will it continue time to time in future then it would be helpful to know.
For a developer, its users are the priority and they are getting affected .

My suggestions : Better wait for financial help. even we can support in that too. Secondly , clearly tell us till when this problem will go on. so that for future , some other methods of developing can be used.

I hope you guys understand.


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Everyone of you all can still support us via pay pal.
We have told from the beginning that this here is not our job… It is our hobby.
Do you have everytime for your hobby enough money? I don’t think so :smiley:


This kind of hobby is appreciated . but man you cant affect thousands of users and developers coz of your financial issues. Either make it run or better close it down until u r financially strong.
And its not just a normal hobby. many developers are associated with it

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If every user would donate 1 dollar there wouldn’t be a problem.


I think there’s a little confussion

Financial Issues != Economical Issues

We have the money, but we don’t have the way to spend it on the servers :wink:
But don’t worry, in a few weeks everything releated to our financial structure will be fixed and servers will go much smooooooother :+1:


My paypal not working. coz of paperwork issues. but i try to donate by clicking on useful adsense ads of community website. hope they makes up dollars. and im giving 5% of my Admob earning to makeroid. hope all these makes up dollars :slight_smile:

Not personally attacking anyone, but…

If you are so concerned about UX, shouldn’t you just use Android Studio or anything else of that sort? The point is, the developers are all here because they like Makeroid (I’m pretty sure we all do) and not because it’s their 9 to 5 job that they are paid for. So I think (totally honest personal opinion) that the original post was too aggressive.

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im sorry for that if it was aggressive…many of the makeroid dev knows me well from long time. i dont wanted to be aggresive :smiley:

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No problem. We want too good servers and many other things.
But we are no wizards like Merlin or Gandalf. :mage:


how many days you think??? do you think that it will be back within 1 days???is therre anyone who know about it???



The servers are back up and running, you will run into closes at times but, they will be fixed!