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I need to know if Building app with showing many online games (HTML5 games) in webviewer is Legal?
I am working on a app which has many online games (Like online game store) and I want to add many games in it. Is it is necessary to put my own online game or can I put third party online game.

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I’m not an expert on the subject but let’s start at the beginning you have the copyright permissions to use the games ?
If your answer is no, you will not be able to publish your app at least in the play store.

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it’s Legal if the Games are Yours or you have the Permission to use them in your App.

No it’s not Necessary, you can use any Game from any Source but make sure -

To get many many HTML5 Games for your App you can join Gamezop Affiliate service.
They are the Best. You can generate a Appreciable amount of Revenue.

But one thing these kind of Apps are not Accepted in Playstore as it is just a WebViewer.

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Make sure you have the permissions from their owners or developers…

no it doesn’t have only webviewer. It has many components.

to create Games , you can join Unreal Engine 4.

Using Web Viewer is not a good idea to earn money.
You can only use Web Viewer in apps where web Viewer is helpful for users

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I am intrested to learn Unreal Engine but I don’t have that much powerful PC :relieved:

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unity 3d is also a good option

My PC is low end one

try and use adventure box

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What is your config…

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You should try to create your own games in Kodular…
There are many components in kodular…
Try using canvas and animation components…


even im making a game first my logic was like a game called among us ad the i changed it se if can do it

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CPU : Intel core 2 Duo
Ram : 2gb DDR3
Hard disk : 800 gb
No graphics card

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if you thinking to earn money.

then creating 100 apps = 1 Game

No issues search on community there are lots of games made on Kodular and they are even popular on google playstore…

But now I am using my b rother’s laptop which is high end one

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