A specific project does not load on the platform. What can it be?

Hi! I’m having a problem with the platform, very strange, I have several projects, which load without problems, but there is a project, which keeps loading there, opens the page and keeps loading until it crashes and the browser doesn’t respond anymore.
I’ve tried using other browsers, switched PCs, but in all attempts the result was the same.
Can someone help me ?

It might be broken.

  • How big is the aia file
  • How many screens do you have
  • How many assets do you have


  • File size aia 13.8 MB
  • Number of screens 150
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That’s probably the cause


Strangely after I asked for help
I opened the browser on the same computer, and returned to normal. !!!

The idea is to increase the number of Screen.

Still, having 150 screens will cause problems in the future…

So avoid it, also see tip 1 here…

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Thank you for the tip! I’m already reviewing this issue, because working with the vertical organization I will be significantly eliminating the number of screen
thanks so much again for the tip! it was very productive to talk to you!

How do you even manage those?


150 Screens :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


OMG 150 SCREEN :scream::dizzy_face::woozy_face: Who you Manage all screen ?