A surprise gift of Holi

What is the name of your app?


Describe your app:

It is just a downloader which you can use to download files in a customized way.


App Store/Download link:

AIA fileVelocity.aia (534.9 KB)

Note:- You have to contact me if you want to publish app.You can make your own app by taking Velocity as base.This .aia file is only for learning purpose.


Some screenshots please


I have not shared app.I have shared aia file.Please look at that.
Otherwise look at note before downloading.

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Thank you for .aia
I was just trying to say that it would be better if you shared some screenshots because just the name is not enough to understand the whole application… It would be even better if you post some screenshots of app here…
Anyway you are sharing your hard work,… That’s great>> Thank You :smiley: @vknow360


you must change and not use the icons of App store and iTunes, The are the property of Apple Inc.

Thank you for your suggestion.
But Velocity project has already discontinued.:innocent:

It is possible to use light theme on Notifyer Component ?
I am trying but ffailed .

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Enable light theme property from designer or blocks.

Already Try Designer property and blocks.still show black theme .even change Notifyer background color on designer properties and blocks section .It’s Still Showing black theme.

Its only work on custom notification messages.