A transfer app!?

Hello everybody,

I’m looking for a way to create a kind of banking app.
No, I don’t want to do anything illegal. I would like to do something like Google Pay, PayPal and so on.

Well, I imagined that a user receives money on his account or can pay via NFC or user ID.
When the user receives money, this should of course end up on a company account as a temporary storage. In the end, the database knows who owns the money.

Is there a way to run such an app with any methods?

Thank you in advance for your discussions.

Then You Should Have Your Own Secure Database , that cannot be hacked…but you can also try firebase… :blush:

Be realistic … the structure for building something like this is big, very big. It involves a lot …

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It Is Very Easy To Builded It By Using MYSQL Data Base
I Am Giving You A Hint You Can Try Better

When User Click On Send Button Check If User Exist And Sender Wallet Balance If All Is Right Then Update The Receiver’s Wallet And Add The Sent Money On Receiver Wallet And Debit Sender Wallet Balance As Sent

Feel Free To Ask Me If You Have Any Trouble

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OMG ! He wants an app that simulates a financial institution, friend. Logic and database, here in the community there are several that do. Not only that …
Financial institutions are controlled by the government. It is not just MYSQL + Logic of Primary Programming.
O M G !


Before even taking the first step please seek legal advice. There are so many laws around these kinds of apps that your head will spin. Also security will be a major issue. Banks and other financial institutions use entire teams of highly qualified and expressed professional developers.

I’m not trying to put Kodular down, but it’s not an appropriate platform for building this kind of app.


I agree with every word you wrote. That’s what I tried to say in the posts above …
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Sorry, I didn’t actually see your post. What you said is also completely true.

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No He Does Not Want It , He Just Want An Wallet App There Should Be Money Of Users For Example

If Someone Add $10 In His Wallet By Paypal So Money Will Be Credit In Developer’s or Company’s Account And Company Show $10 In User’s Wallet And User Can Send To Any User

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Reaction :joy::joy:

That’s what I’m trying to say. Thanks for getting it. :heart:

So My First Replay Will Help You


Thank you for taking part in the discussion. I let all the influences go through my head and will reflect on my idea again. Like @Srrazmi said, my idea was a simple wallet app. Where money can be sent and stored, such as in PayPal. Well. I have everything I need for this and thank you again for your discussions.

But Before Starting Remember These

  1. Never Store Any Data In TinyDB If You Need To Store So Update It When Every Screen Initialize
  2. Never Left Screen Error Blank Show Any Things As You Wantcomponent_event
  3. Never Set Your Secret In Text Block text Always Use obfuscated_text
  4. Never Use Firebase If Rule Of RW Is for Public

You Can Check Out SRMoney For Better Idea

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