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Hello Community
I have been trying and failing to create a music App the way I would like to and I really need some Help Please.
I have been using Kodular on and off for around 1 year now and It is still incredibly hard.
I have already Downloaded and studied the AIA files for various Music Apps using Cloudinary and Airtable and I have watched every single video I can find about Airtable and ColinTreeListView and I can see and study the code but I can not understand the explanation as it is not in my language, unfortunately.
I have tried a lot of experimenting with the blocks but all tries have failed.

The App: A music app with no Track download and no login, a user may download the app open and play the music for the Artist or band within the app for free, the Band or group will make money by using AdMob adverts in the app.

The biggest problems I have are on the Album Screen where I am trying to get a Clickable listView to show up under the Album Image, The User will select a track from the list which will then play on the Player Screen. I am having a lot of trouble setting up the Airtable to show up in any sort of list below the Album Image so that a track can be selected and played on the next Screen (Player).
On the Player Screen, I am having trouble trying to get the Album Image and Track Name to show and Play within a player this, of course, needs to come from Airtable.

The Design for the Album Screen

The Blocks as you can see I have been very confused Blocks have been built and deleted hundreds of time now.

The Player Design.

The Player Blocks.

My Airtable Example.

After so many hours of trying and failing to build this app, I am just confusing myself and getting frustrated which does not help.
Please if anyone can explain to me how I can set the blocks so that I can get any ListView, ColinTreeListView, or ListPicker to work with Airtable so that a track can be selected and then played on the Player screen with the correct Album Image and Track name I would be very grateful As I really do not have a clue how to do this so that it works.

ANY help or advice is very much appreciated

Thank you


My Friend @asimjib93 can help you in this matter. He know very much about Airtable. If he is here then he will going to help you else wait for reply…

Keep Calm & Happy Koding…

Expandable List View Extension will help you to do what you’re trying.


Thank you, The Expandable List View Extension did not work for me I have tried this for over 2 hours with the Expandable List View Extension but it would not work for what I need.
I want a normal list, Hidden until the Album Image is clicked then a ListView will show up below the Album with a list of the tracks pulled from Airtable when someone clicks on one of the tracks in the list it will open the player screen and play the track.
I have not been able to get any list to work that I have tried, Yes my Airtable API is set with BaseID in the app and I have tried calling the data to all sorts of lists but when I click the Album Image nothing ever shows up not even an error.
I have watched every ListView video I can find and searched google for any tutorials with screenshots but nothing I have tried has worked so far.
It is very very confusing as I have no idea why a list does not show up when I set the Image click Set ListView to True.
There seems to be a million way to do this but none that I can find to work.
Any blocks examples would be amazing.

Thank you very much for your help

Thank you very much
I have already had a very very good look at this video and I have tried to do this over many many hours but it would never work.
I understand how it works just not how to get it to work correctly as it should.
I only need the Track names to show in the list as the Album Artwork and Album name are already shown.
I want to create a list under each Album Image.
I have tried for over a week now to get this to work but no matter what I try when I click the Album Image no list ever shows up no matter what I try with the blocks.
It should be easy to get the ListView to show up when the Album Image is clicked but it does not work

I have tried adding the ColinTreeListView, the ListPicker, ListView, Expandable List, Tried adding then to a Vertical Arrangement, a WebViewer and many more I have tried everything I can think of to get this to work to no avail.

I have downloaded and Imported many AIA files to study and try to get this app to work but nothing will work No list will ever show up under the album artwork and there seems to be no way to get the information from the Album screen to the Player screen.
This is very very confusing and very hard I wish I could understand it better.

Thank you for your help

You two list view then… :slightly_smiling_face:

3 lists there are 2 Albums and 1 Single for this app
I have ended up finding a developer on Fiverr to help me build this app
There is a massive need for Teachers on these platforms so people can learn to do the blocks, Watching videos is ok but does not give you the full picture or teach you what to do what it does not work.
If I can get this App completed I will post it here with all the blocks and explination.

Thank you very much for your help I very much appreciate it

Hello Everyone

After a lot of work and a lot of help from Vardan Mahadeo We have been able to create the music Player
It has a few small bugs to work out still but the list, list selection and player are all working as they should.
The code can be improved, to be able to set the image of the album to the player or list the track playing in the label response but for the basics it is working well with No errors.

The Album Screen Blocks

The Player Screen Blocks

It still has a little work before it will be ready to put on play store but IT WORKS!!!

Thank you, everyone

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