A user run my app on Second space, how to detect it?

I created an app in which I’m giving 5 points per refer but my friend installs the app on Second space and completed his refer! How to stop him or block him. Please let me know in answer section :relaxed:
Second Space also known as Dual device mode. You might have used Dual Apps in Xiaomi phones . … It’s almost like having a second phone on your phone . You can keep your general files and apps available in your primary space and selectively move other files and apps to second space .


Even if you block him from Second Space he can still accomplish the same thing by let’s say using another device. He will still be able to create fake accounts and claim rewards. Maybe change your referral system so that you get your bonus when the user you invited reached a milestone inside the app, not just logged in.


I just want to detect Second Space, is there any way to detect it?

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by tracking phone imei

I didn’t get you!:sweat_smile:

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one device one account.

“Every phone or Mobile Broadband device has a unique 15 digit code, called an IMEI number.”
Source: Finding your device's IMEI number. - Support - Three

It’s like a unique identifier. But for security reasons if I were you I wouldn’t use the IMEI.

I knew it, i want to detect Second Space so why i should need to get IMEI number?:upside_down_face:

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To check if it is a new device :man_shrugging:

i done that setup, one device one account, try to use this extension [Free] Firebase Authentication V.3.0 (Update link) - #ThunkableClassicExtensions - Community… Use auth and save IMEI as password, just dont create login UI for this just block it, if new account store that data using this extension. When next time around, at the screen initialize call auth… Even user, clear data and uninstall the app, when he she create an account, it will detected, beacuse u already registered in firebase authentication as password

Easiest way to prevent such activities

Use Package name Checker

If, com.second space is installed in user device so your app will not run.

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You can also use android id to check .

Stuff like that is basically messed up​:joy:…even if there’s a way to block him, it still doesn’t help

Maybe you can check the login IP. Or just check if the user has one of Parallel Space apps or others has installed on the device.

Or track every user then if you find there is a parallel space usage, then just deny the action.

You may use DEVICE INFO component. Whenever user register on your app, you get the Device ID. And use this ID as one time log in credential.

They use VPN to change their IP address, i was suspending them using this method now it’s enough :sweat:

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You can buy professional VPN detector for around $3/month. It’s cheap and helpful.

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hi @Yasir_Shakoor,
you can use package utilities component store list of package name of app that is same as second space in variable.
and when screen initializes then get list of package from database and check any of package installed or not.
if any package is installed then you can block that user. Use following block to check whether any package is installed or not…

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