A variable that changes from positive to negative?

Hi all !

I have a problem that occurred on one of my applications to track my working hours. Until now, I had no problems, so I don’t understand what’s going on. I’ll try to explain it to you simply:

If the selected date is Friday, then the “day” value is equal to 15300000 (milliseconds).

I have a procedure that calculates my hours, if there are overtime hours or less hours. But see with this screenshot, I don’t understand how the “overtime” variable can change from a positive value to a negative value, while I have nowhere else blocks that modify it.

Do you have any idea why my variable changes like this?

Thank you !

I believe that “do it” function gives the result at the time you click on it and not during whatever operation you have going on

What is the get.day input?

Thank you for your answer. The “do it” is only done once, nothing changes, and I do not manipulate the app during the “do it”.

The “day” value is “15300000”, it is the value in miliseconds of the duration worked on Friday. This “day” variable never changes. It’s my “overtime” variable that’s giving me trouble.

This may occur with finding day i think… so that it turns like this. Do one thing. Use label for every logic and try to print the values for each day, you can find where does the error appear

From where are you getting the global total_day variable value?
Is it getting changed/used anywhere else outside the set_overtime procedure

My “total_day” variable is created in this block, and I don’t have any other block that uses it other than the one I’m having trouble with

I then use “total_day” in this procedure

If possible, can you share the aia, maybe via PM and I will have a look when I have some time

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Hi all !

I come back to you regarding my problem, I solved it. I actually had a conflict between the day text and the month text, because in French, the month of March and the day of Tuesday both start with “mar”, so when I entered the hours for the Friday (which in French how by “ven”) there was a conflict because it also took into account the first 3 letters of March which are the same as Tuesday (in French).

Thank you anyway for taking the time to help me!

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