A way to save the generated QR code?

Hello, I’m trying to save the image generated by the Kodular QR-Code creator and the two ways I tried it I could not:

1º - I tried to use the canvas to save the image:

But this error results:

2º - I tried with image editor, several of the effects result in the same canvas error, but the effect of flipping, then re-flipping worked on my Gran Prime Duos with android 5.0.1, already in my sister’s Moto G4 results in an odd error :


The team is deactivated, it is activated only when you touch the save button, soon after it is deactivated, the time it takes is only 1 second.

I no more idea what to do to save the image, if someone has a solution?

This always worked for me. You can use it as a reference.

i set my canvas as 250 x 250 in my app.


I did look like this, but the same error happens:

Did you set the canvas width and height.
Why do you open screen 1 with a timer? Do you have only one screen?

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The timer would only be for the second situation, if the “Invert” and “re-reverse” operations were done in the same block it would result in the error that gave the Moto G4 that I spoke, already with a timer everything worked perfectly, but in Moto G4 error.

The width and height is set as you indicated, 250x250, I have 3 screens in my application.

What if you set your canva to fill parent for the width and height, and put it in an horizontal or vertical arrangement ?

It’s working now :thinking:

I think the problem was that the canvas was as not visible, so I think it should be visible so there is no error.

I kept the 250x250, only set as visible now.