.aab file require app signing

when i upload .aab file, it says to upload this file, you’ve to enroll in app signing… something like this then what should i do to enroll in app signing.

Do you use the new Beta Google Console?

no i use the old classic

If you use the beta, you can omit this step choosing let Google manage the key

oh, let me try

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Did it work for you? why does not appear to me “let Google manage the password”

no, it didn’t work for me

Yes, you are right. You have to sign in for that. You can not upload .aab file without signing in. This is because Google Play needs to be able to sign the APKs for you before distribution — so there is no way to be able to carry out this flow when keys are managed by the developer.

It is a compulsory process.

Could someone show the steps to publish the aab files.

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You can upload aab file in the Play Console where you have been uploading apk files.

You need to join the Play App Signing before uploading the aab file to the store, I have prepared a guide for this here: