Aap crush while running

I found mention issue while using Google map and navigation component

Did you try in apk?

Yes I also tru to export apk mention notification show and app crash…

Here is a app file

sidebar.zip (55.5 KB)

See here

this is not an aia file, zip file


Just rename it to sidebar.aia.

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I tried mam, but…


Try this one: sidebar2.aia (55.5 KB)

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What is your problems ??

See no issue so far . The problem is , I think, though in the screen initialise enabling GPS, I manually switched location service so I got the result

Pls refer

also if possible


Did you export apk. If please share both aia and apk

I tested only in companion… works good and i did nothing. Only one block i have added, I added below blocks only. But not sure whether i am wrong or correct but i got almost what you decided to give through this app


I also tested on companion but when we export it’s not working…thanks for help but now I try dora_paz suggestion.