AAPT execution failed, error in Activity Metadata stage

I hope this should be project inside the project issue…

Did you cross the aia using 7zip or winrar???

Sometimes when I think to rest for few days then from nowhere either App Inventor or Kodular update something which breaks most of the extensions.
This update was no different.

Just a few seconds ago I was thinking about not providing support for my extensions here, something like discontinuing but only for a specific builder.
I guess you all know why…

What should I check when same project is getting compiled in App Inventor?
Can you suggest a better reason?

Calm down calm down…:worried:

In our community some time people s r suffering the same issue when they compile their own project, but still the reason is unknown,… we used to advise to do so. If you do not find and such a thing then reason would be smoother fact. But I hope this could be the reason.

If staff say same thing then it would be satisfying.

Pls refer already @Diego replied , now only noted

I hope you could find the best reason over here

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I was able to build using the standard version of your custom webviewer.

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Can you please try with v11?


Strange. :thinking:
Let me clear cache and try again.

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Please check you project using 7zip and make sure you are not having such issue , if possible @vknow360

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I don’t know what is actually wrong because just few hours ago it compiled GDrive aia file.


See even peter and anu rocks can able to compile but you are not, which means i am sure you are having such issue only.

Ok figured it out, issue is only with aia imported from App Inventor.
Thank you everyone.

Apologies to Kodular Staff and Community.


Check your project theme settings, if nothing is shown then select one and try again…


You are right @Boban.
Currently it shows like this:

Edit 1: But build is still failing.
Maybe a reload will help.

Edit 2: Same issue persists.

Edit 3: Worked for a different project. :+1:
Most reliable solution till found.

Reloaded the page, checked the theme properties.
While creating a new project, I was shown a blank title bar and status bar of the mock frame.

I get the same error.

I got this once as well, try changing the colors to default then build…

P.S. and if it still doesn’t work add app name


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