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We’ll use this topic to keep you updated about the bugs that are being reported related to Kodular Eagle

There has not been any update yet
These bugs have been fixed for the upcoming 1.4.3 update


There are some big changes coming to Kodular, one of them related with the “Do you want to be a Kodular Tester?” topic, and another thing form which you may hear soon
So, sorry if we forgot to fix something (or something was not properly solved), as we are really busy with all these things we are working and collaborating on for a better experience in the future :sweat:

:question: Unconfirmed Bugs that seem to be bugs, but are not not yet confirmed as Kodular Creator bugs

  • Cannot play offline videos [link]

:mag: Investigating Bugs that are confirmed and are being investigated to be solved

  • ExoPlayer is no longer looping gapless & App crashes at ExoPlayer.Completed event Bug [link] (r#740)

  • Assets take time to load [link] (r#761)

  • Requesting permissions on Screen.Initialize does not trigger Screen.Permission Granted [link] (r#775)

:wrench: Testing Bugs that have been located and its fix is being tested

:white_check_mark: Solved Bugs that have been solved

  • Issue with Lottie Files [link]

  • MD5 hash don’t correct calculate [link] (r#717)

  • TextBox & Notifier - negative numbers support [link](r#700)

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