Space component does not fill parent in companion when chosen

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

I have found another bug. When I chose in the properties of space component to fill parent, it does not fill nothing.

Steps to reproduce the issue

You need to add the space component into an arrangment (the arrangment with 100% height) between another arrangment and the bottom menu, and choose the property “fill parent” in space component. If you now Live Test the created app, Space will not fill full parent. (So I did.)

Expected Behaviour

Space should fill the full parent.

Actual Behaviour

Space does nothing.

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Android version

My Android Version is 9 and EMUI is 9.0.1.

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Can you share a sample AIA, please?

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I will share ais.
Quiz_Screen1.ais (4.5 KB)

You use label as temporary solution. I hope pro koders will check & Tell you…

Checked your ais. Spaces are working properly.

At my device it is not working… Which mobile phone do you have and which Android version? I have a Huawei P10 Plus and EMUI 9.0.1 and Android 9.

I have tried it too but the result is the same…

Only the “Platz7” component does not appear in the right way.

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Nothing Wrong Found…

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Even if your ais works in designer, it doesn’t work on real phone and you won’t make it work either

Multiple design flaws, you are using screen scrollable, in that screen you use multiple scrollable arrangements within each other and that kind of screws things up even more

No, there is no issue with space component if you use it in the right way


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Wondering if it’s flipper component that makes all these issues


The issue is with the companion, not in the creator. If you make “Live Test”, then you will not find the Space.

With Heigth full parent, width full parent, too.

I have corrected it but in Live Test it does not change anything. Space is is not there.
Here the corrected version: Quiz_Screen1.ais (5.6 KB)
Here Screenshot of Live Testing:

Or is it my mistake? And if yes, where is the mistake?

Disable “Enrollable” or “Roller” option on Screen Properties (Sorry, i use Kodular Creator in spanish :confused:)

Do you mean Scrollable? Scrollable is disabled.

No, it’s another option, sorry i don’t remember now

Something like Enroller or Roller on Screen1 I can not find… Sorry…

Can you try replacing the space with a horizontal arrangement with height set to fill parent?

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