Weird bug Spinner+Firebase

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

I’m getting this error message but I don’t know why, there’s no element requesting a text and receiving a list.
It was supposed to get the Spinner selection that it’s a tag from Firebase and automatically get the value.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Select spinner value

Expected Behaviour

Retrieve to labels the indexed data

Actual Behaviour

Error message

Show your Blocks

erro1 erro2

Android version


Where are the blocks in this list

That’s the question, it shouldn’t be a list, it’s a string.
I made a TryCatch message to intercept the content in the “selection” variable after selecting, it leaves that block being a string but somehow, when the process arrives at Firebase block (2º print) it understands it as a list with that string (spinner selection) and other empty strings.

I added another Firebase element and it started to work, worth to mention that it was working at previous version of Kodular.


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