I'm not able to compile the app, server error

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

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I’m not able to compile the app
server error

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Hi @lucas_de_faria_santos, welcome to the community!
When an error occurs while building, a view log button should appear, click it , to view the error log, you would probably find out where was your error by searching the community for the error, if you didn’t , send it here.

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but the error is on the server. The message says server error: the target could not be compiled

So the building dialog isn’t appearing ? You can try waiting,reloading, clearing cache , and trying again :wink:

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Good morning, I can’t compile the app.
Keep telling me: server error, try later.
I have the app launch scheduled, I need to compile or save the file aia on my computer.

only this message appears:
server error: it was not possible to compile the target. please try again later

I’ve waited a few days, cleared the cache, and nothing.

Two common mistakes by user that produces this error


The package name is empty and I didn’t use any extensions