The app hangs when the image is loading

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

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This problem has been present since the Kodular update Version 1.4C.1. The app hangs while the image is loading.

Dynamic Image picture loading issue.

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Android version - 9

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There is no Image loading bug since the new update.
All is now as expected…
Big Images needs longer to be loaded. Thats since always.

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please check my videos. The image was loaded one by one before the new version was updated. Now loading together. This time is becoming an app hanging.

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Workaround: instead of for each, use a clock and add a local variable and increment by 1 until the number=length of the list.

Sorry but disagree on this, after the new update the screen freezes until images are loaded, at least on my test app

Test app before the update

Same app after update

Be quick by trying to scroll images on screen1 as it switch to screen2 after 1.5 sec

Btw, I will try to post a video about this


“This version of getBitmapDrawable can be used synchronously. It uses the Asynchronous version. Note: This means we are blocking on the UI Thread, which is not a good idea. However testing has revealed that blocking the UI thread may be better then having loaded images “appear” fractions of seconds after they were requested.”

Go to GitHub from App Inventor and read that at the file.

There you have the answer.
Since the new update we use exact this method.
Before we used it asynchron but all people was crying because of the image loading delay.

And now crying again?!
Really nice. Not

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same problem