My app is showing black backgroud and stop working while loading images?

i have a image which used in 30 cardviews dynamically.
i am calling a procedure at screen initialize.
i am making 30 ++ cardviews and loading 30 ++ images in these cardviews.
but when i install my app and open the app . it start hanging tooo much. and sometimes it closes the app.

please help me

Show Blocks Please

here it is

Please provide more information using images or blocks to convey your problem in detail.
Also clarify which statement is correct.


and at home intialize

i am using 30 images component dynamically.
and set a image to these 30 images

Apk Please

No, sorry
my app is about to complete.
i don’t want to take any risk

It may be because of your phone I think

No, my Phone is made in china :thumbsdown:

It’s Redmi Y2

i am using blocks to show the images

At least you show in

Which screen makes your app hang

Actually, i have 2 screens one is screen 1 and another is screen 2
Screen2 is making my app hang

Any extension are you using

yes, there is two extension one is phase extension and another is dynamic component ?
Both are verified Extensions ?

This may help you


You can use this extension, it will load images async and won’t lag the main thread:

Also try loading images from urls/ fonts like font awesome and not from assets :wink:

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