Kodular apps hang a lot

Kodular apps hang a lot . If you have a solution then give me please . If you want i can provide you apk of my app .

Please, tell about your app instead of posting an aia an expect that other users do the work.

Good that you deleted your aia because it contains a paid extension from @Jerin_Jacob.

Some extensions shouldn’t be necessary because Kodular have them as a component so that may be the cause. Try and see what happens.

Ok i am providing you apk . In my app i have four tabs and in all tabs i m calling data from airtable but my apps loading speed is very low . if you want i can give you apk .

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No i dont need a apk.

I have all extensions necessary like card view extension , gesture extension and layout dialog extension

This can have to do with an unstable or low internet connection.

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My internet connection speed is 2 mb per second . Help me pls .

if your speed is good then i think you are doing a lot of procedure in just a single step. like doing more then 20 procedure in screen intialize block. try to use clock to sync you procedure in time this reduce load on device. otherwise operating system will think that your app crashed while doing multiple procedures and will raise ANR dialog.

And what about just showing your blocks.

Ok I am showing how many blocks i have

Not much you can see on that image

Use right click and choose



That doesn’t mean they can not cause a problem.

here are my blocks see them . and tell me what to do.


50000 images, wow



but there are only 50 i have putted 50000 so i can increase as per my choice

Airtable limit is 1200 as I know.
You can get 1200 columns at one time.

ya its 1200 but we can upgrade plans

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So you have upgraded.
May be this one is causing problem:

Use procedures instead of directly adding blocks.

Will it work ?? Only this screen has loading problem else all the screens are working fast