App lag issue when using 500+ records in airtable

hii i used this aia and added my airtable data but i am getting lag issues in my app. there is more than 500+ records in total and they are distributed in 5 tables thats why its laging so badly please help

Try to Understand how the .aia is Blocked.

And if not Present then Impliment something like -
Scroll to Load more.
Image Caching.

That can Help a Little.


ya i tried to add scroll to load more but its not get implemented sucessfully .

Kindly share your blocks so that others can help you… :slight_smile:

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Wallpaper_App1.aia (975.3 KB)

this is the aia

Free .aia is already available.

is this equipped with something new which you tried.

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Share the blocks which you’ve tried. This .aia file is already available for all.

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i tried this

U are making all dynamic components in one time try to make as user scroll

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can you please help me i am trying to solve this since morning i am begineer please

These two guides may help you.
i) How to use clock to load items in a listview/custom listview?

ii) [Custom]How to load data one by one on user scroll from Airtable, Firebase, Mysql

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I tried but can’t able to set blocks because blocks are way different from the guide and I am not getting how to adjust in this app

I will upload some block images
I have also integrated in my app

Yes please it will be so helpful

Just copy the whole blocks from the guide(just for practice). In this way, you will never forget the blocks and can try new procedures as well. :wink:

blocks (56) blocks (57)

blocks (55)

I have used this in my app
This is very simple

here create procedure means create dynamic component 3 by 3 and global battle means your data